OEM Parts Manufacturing

Internationally the outsourcing of parts and components for OEM industries is becoming more prevalent among producers of machinery in all corners of the globe as well as sourcing from other geographic regions in order to achieve lower cost initiatives and increased production capacity.

The outsourcing of parts has many benefits to OEM industries in that the parts and components are purchased at a fixed cost, quality standards are guaranteed by Brenner Group, and we can offer to supply parts as sub assemblies or fully assembled.

More companies are tending to produce machinery by outsourcing the manufacturing of parts and assembling the parts to produce a machine or individual part and we are able to facilitate machine producers from all international regions and manufacture high quality parts and components for various applications and industries.

There are many benefits for companies to outsource parts and components manufacturing:

  • Lower Investment
    If the existing production capacity is full there is no need to re invest in new equipment, the outsourcing of parts can be increased and reduced upon production requirement.
  • Consolidated Purchasing
    By outsourcing manufactured parts from a single source allows the buyers dealing with less companies, encourages efficiencies in manufacturing and makes outsourcing a more simple process.
  • Cost Savings
    It is very important for OEMs and producers of equipment that purchasing costs are contained but also more importantly that the quality of the parts and components are comparable or of a better standard to guarantee the success of the business relationship and development of expectations between the two organisations.

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