Idler Rollers

Idler Rollers are used in all web processing industries with different designs to suit particular web materials and applications.
The primary function of Idler Rollers is to provide continual web tension and to ensure that during line speed variances that the roller rpm matches the web speed.

Each roller is designed to suit the application and selected as per the application requirements.

Aluminium Idler rollers are generally used where low inertia and the mass weight of the roller are important ensuring that roller will perform at the required line speeds and tensions demanded by the application. Steel Idler Rollers are used when high tension levels and process speeds exist in web processing applications.

Available Designs Live Shaft, Dead Shaft
Roller Materials 6061 Aluminium, 1045 Steel
Surface Finishes Aluminium ¨C Hard Face Anodising Steel- Chrome & Electro Less Nickel EPDM, Rubber & Polyurethane Coating
Range of Diameters 50-480mm
Face Length Range ¡Ý6500mm


Manufacturing capacity for large OEM production quantities and replacement applications

Aluminium Dead Shaft Idler Rollers - Facts and Figures

  • Low inertia properties for low web tension applications
  • Ideal to match required line speeds in low production speed applications
  • Low drag or low friction bearing fitment ensure that the rollers are suitable for lighter duty applications
  • Thru shaft lengths can be varied to mount rollers in various positions of a machine
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Aluminium Live Shaft Idler Rollers - Facts and Figures

  • Designed to suit higher web tension applications
  • Bearing mounting options allow for temperature and contamination issues which can affect bearing performance
  • Able to be modified with various surface coverings and surface finishes
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Idler Rollers
Idler Rollers
Idler Rollers
Idler Rollers