Web Spreading Rollers

Bowed Rollers are designed to spread web materials such as film, paper, textiles and foils on web processing machines such as Laminators, Extruders, Printers, and Embossing Machines etc.

Each roller is designed to suit the application and selected as per the application requirements.

The range of Series BR Bowed Rollers are an economical method to implement consistent web conditions by removing wrinkles and preparing continuous web materials for accurate processing.

All Series BR Bower Rollers are custom manufactured for applications with Bow adjustment up to 40mm complete with Pillow Block Bearing Mounts.

Bowed Roller assemblies are also available to mount to existing bearing systems.

The Bowed angle is simply adjusted via a manual hand wheel located in the bearing housing and can be adjusted while the web is running to achieve the desired spreading correction to suit both the material and process.

The Series BR Bowed Rollers have a Nitrile Roller surface and have standard diameters and most commonly 110mm, other roller diameters are available upon request.

Model Roller Diameter Surface Material Bow Adjustment Maximum Face Length
BR50 50mm Nitrile 0-20mm 2000mm
BR90 90mm Nitrile 0-30mm 2500mm
BR100 100mm Nitrile 0-40mm 4000mm
BR150 150mm Nitrile 0-40mm 4500mm

Special designs and specifications available upon request

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Bowed Rollers
Bowed Rollers