Air Shaft & Core Holding Products- Spare Parts & Accessories

  • Inflation Tools are offered with each Air Shaft manufactured and should be used to ensure that the correct air pressure is applied to the air shaft, the back pressure gauge measures the air pressure inside the air shaft bladder system.
  • Incorrect operating air pressures account for many premature bladder failures.
  • Aluminium Core Stops are used to align the roll on the Air Shaft for efficient roll changes.
  • Inner Bladder Assemblies- Quick change no fuss
  • To suit Models- Aliquad, Aliquad II, Series 5000, Series 5000C, Series 3000 & Webtrack 2000.
  • Each Air Shaft has a serial number stamped on the Name Plate, contact us with the Air Shaft Serial Number and we will be able to supply a complete spare Inner Bladder Assembly Cartridge for the Air Shaft which is factory tested prior to shipping.
  • The Inner Bladder Assembly system has been designed for quick and easy replacement, when a bladder needs to be replaced there is no fitting of bladder material to cups and cones or end caps strapping or expensive tools required, the assembly is removed from the Air Shaft and a new assembly is fitted.
  • The Inner Bladder Assemblies can be kept as spares for applications on site ready to install, factory tested and guarantees reduced downtime.

Spare Bladder Material- To suit Alilite, Alistrip

Spare parts include Layflat Bladder Part No. LFB27, 1/8 NPT Buton Style Air Valve Part No. AV0001, Bladder Connectors Part No. BC6 and Nylon Lugs Part No. NL04

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Button Style Air Valve Part No. AV0001
Low Profile Button Style Air Valve 1/8 NPT Part No. AV 0001-LP
Inflation Tool Complete with Back Pressure Gauge Part No. ITBP
Button Style Air Valve 3/8 1/8 NPT Part No. AV0003
Aluminium Core Stops to suit Air Shafts 3inch Core Stop Part No. CS3 6inch Core Stop Part No. CS6
Inflation Tool
Inner Bladder Assembly Cartridge