Chuck Sleeve Lightweight Aluminium - 5", 6", +8" Cores

The Webtrack 2000 Side lay Air Shaft is used in the narrow web industry and provides the alignment of a roll and web material while the machine is running without having to depress the air valve and re align the roll on the Air Shaft

To adjust the alignment the adjustment knob at the end of the Air Shaft is rotated and the complete Air Shaft will move back or forth as required to align the web to a registration mark, sensor or appropriate position.

  • Standard units to suit 3 inch Air Shaft/Base Shaft
  • Face widths available up to 2000mm
  • Mechanical Locking Collar fitment to shaft
  • High performance Chuck Sleeve Adaptor to fully support the roll core
  • Simple spare parts
  • Alilite Chuck Sleeves are designed to be mounted on an existing 3inch Air Shaft or base shafts at various shaft diameters.
  • Able to replace most Steel Air Shafts and provide a Lightweight alternative
  • The Alilite Chuck Sleeves fully support the core and have Lug contact across the entire width of the core, the independent Nylon Lugs have a high gripping force and the Chuck Sleeve is fitted to the shaft via Mechanical Locking Collars.
  • The Alilite Chuck Sleeves are ideal when core sizes change occasionally from 3inch to 6inch.
  • The deflated diameter of the Chuck Sleeve is 149mm and have a maximum Lug Stroke of 157mm, the Lugs are Independent and the spare parts are the same as the Alilite range of 6inch Air Shafts.
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Alilite Aluminium Chuck Sleeve Specifications

Core Size Range 6" / 150-152mm
Operating Air Pressure > 80 PSI
Style of Lug Independent Nylon
Body Surface Finish Anodised
Filiment to Bade Shaft Mechanical locking collars
Max Face Length 4500mm
Body Material 6061 Aluminium Extrusion Profile
Lug Stroke Deflated 149mm
Inflated 157mm
Bladder Replacement Lay Flat Bladder


Can be adapted to existing base/Air Shafts
Mechanical Locking Collars
Lightweight 6061 Aluminium Extrusion
Independent Nylon Lugs
External Bladders
Full Lug contact across the Chuck Sleeve
Flexible mounting
Common parts with Alilite Air Shaft


Versatile mounting arrangements
Positive connection to base/Air Shaft
Reduced mass weight for operators to handle
Superior Gripping force, no return springs to puncture bladder and not like full strip style Air Shafts that cause the lug to bend over time. Nylon Lugs grip the core not wedge the core like rubber lug designs Able to be used with all roll/core widths
Easy and economical to repair
Full support across the core
Can be moved from application to application
Reduced spare parts inventory


Alilite Chuck Sleeves
Alilite Chuck Sleeves
Alilite Chuck Sleeves