Alilite Lightweight Aluminium Air Shaft - 5", 6", +8" Cores

The Webtrack 2000 Side lay Air Shaft is used in the narrow web industry and provides the alignment of a roll and web material while the machine is running without having to depress the air valve and re align the roll on the Air Shaft

To adjust the alignment the adjustment knob at the end of the Air Shaft is rotated and the complete Air Shaft will move back or forth as required to align the web to a registration mark, sensor or appropriate position.

  • Lightweight alternative to using Steel Air Shafts
  • Independent Nylon Lugs
  • Efficient gripping force on various core materials
  • Universal spare parts
  • Inserts into cores with ease
  • Inner air chamber to increase air volume to the bladder system
  • Able to replace most Steel Air Shafts and provide a Lightweight alternative
  • The Alilite range of Air Shafts is a Lightweight alternative to Steel Air Shafts and other Aluminium Air Shafts available, the hollow Aluminium extrusion profile gives the Air Shaft a greater air volume and superior and effective holding torque.
  • The Alilite design offers a deflated diameter of 149mm on the 6inch Air Shafts which can be used with both metric (150mm) and imperial 6inch cores with a Lug stroke to grip a maximum core ID of 157mm.
  • In todays market many industries are using varied core materials with varying core tolerances and the Alilite Air Shaft is designed to offer a flexible solution for all industries.
  • The Independent Nylon Lugs are free floating and this design provides superior gripping force on cores manufactured from Steel, Aluminium, Cardboard and Plastic compounds
  • The six external bladder elements reduce the quantity of potential leaking points and are simple to maintain with standard tools and equipment.Suitable for paper, foil, rigid plastic and lamination industries
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Alilite Aluminium Lug Style Air Shaft Specifications

Core Size Range 6" - 8"
150mm - 203mm
Operating Air Pressure > 80 PSI
Style of Lug Independent Nylon
Body Surface Finish Hard Surface Anodised
Journal Fitment Parallel Bore Bolt on Flange Design
Max Face Length 4500mm
Body Material 6061 Aluminium Extrusion
Lug Stroke Deflated 149mm
Inflated 157mm
Journal Surface Finish Black Oxide
Bladder Replacement Lay Flat Bladder 27mm LFB27


Lightweight 6061Aluminium Extrusio
Hollow Extrusion for Air containment
Independent Nylon Lugs
Bolt on Journals
Anodised Aluminium Body and Black Oxide surface finished journals
External Bladders
No special tools required for maintenance


Reduced mass weight for operators to handle
Increased air volume to increase gripping force
Superior Gripping force, no return springs to puncture bladder and not like full strip style Air Shafts that cause the lug to bend over time. Nylon Lugs grip the core not wedge the core like rubber lug designs. Able to be used with all roll/core widths
Easy for removal and/or replacement
Anodising reduces the friction between the air shaft and the core, surface finishes protect the Air Shaft from corrosion and present the Air Shaft with cosmetic appeal
Easy and economical to repair
Convenient, speedy and simple repair