Aliquad II Heavy Wall Aluminium Air Shafts - 3" Cores

The Aliquad II Aluminium Lug Style Air Shaft is a Lightweight alternative to heavy Steel body Air Shafts and was developed for the paper, foil and lamination industries with roll weights up to 900 kg.

The Aliquad II Air Shaft design offers a Lighter Weight shaft for machine operators for loading and unloading of the Air Shaft while being a durable design and construction. The simplicity of design makes the Aliquad II Aluminium Air Shaft the better solution for heavier roll applications.

  • Lightweight alternative to using Steel Air Shafts
  • Heavier 6061 Aluminium Body Hard Surface
  • Inner Bladder Cartridge Assembly for Speedy Repairs
  • Reduced deflection characteristics
  • Increased Aluminium Wall thickness for increased roll weights and processing speeds
  • Able to replace most Steel Air Shafts and provide a Lightweight alternative
  • Standard Aliquad features
  • Suitable for paper, foil, rigid plastic and lamination industries
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Features & Benefits of Aliquad II Aluminium Airshafts

  • Aliquad II Aluminum airshafts can replace heavy steel shafts providing machine operators a lighter alternative to steel
  • The aluminum body diameter and anodized coating on the shaft body ensures easy loading and unloading of the shaft into the various core materials .
  • The steel leading edge at the end of the aluminum body, is the part of the journal which takes all the impact, so the aluminum is not damaged.
  • The steel journal is located into the Aliquad II body with a parallel fit designed for easy installation and removal.
  • The aluminum injection molded lugs provide a Lightweight alternative to steel and heavy duty option to rubber.
  • Supply and manufacture of Aliquad airshafts and parts provide long term pricing and quick turnaround times for orders and repairs. All parts are standard and are available ex-stock.
  • All Aliquad II 3 inch airshafts use common spares which reduces inventory and keeps the spare parts simplified.
  • Occupational Health and Safety benefits due to reduced lifting weights of Aluminium Air Shafts.
  • Long life natural extruded bladder material which does not get pinched by the corner of the lugs during constant inflation and deflation.
  • Aliquad II Aluminium Air Shaft used in the Printing Industry, 1000mm wide rolls at 900 Kg at 328 mpm, the Air Shaft mass weight is only 21 Kg.

Aliquad II Aluminium Air Shaft Specification

Core Size Range 3" / 76mm
Operating Air Pressure > 80 PSI
Style of Lug Independent Aluminium
Body Surface Finish Anodised
Journal Fitment Parallel
Max Face Length 4000mm
Body Material 6061 Aluminium Extrusion
Lug Stroke Deflated 74.5mm Inflated 81mm
Journal Surface Finish Black Oxide
Bladder Replacement Inner Bladder Assembly


Aliquad II
Aliquad II
Aliquad II
Aliquad II